Pies, Pastry Products, Savouries, Family Pies and Quiche

Pastry/Products Unwrapped

Family Pies

P100 Oval Steak Mushroom P200 Family Bacon & Egg
P101 Oval Mince P201 Family Steak
P102 Oval Steak P202 Family Steak & Kidney
P103 Oval Cottage P203 Family Steak & Bacon
P104 Oval Bacon/Egg & Cheese P204 Family Steak & Cheese
P105 Oval Mince & Cheese P205 Family Steak & Mushroom
P106 Oval Chicken P206 Family Mince
P107 Oval Vegetarian P207 Family Mince & Cheese
P108 Oval Spinach & Feta P208 Family Cottage
P109 Oval Chilli Bean P209 Family Chicken
P110 Oval Curried Steak P210 Family Chicken & Mushroom
P111 Oval Curried Chicken

No Pastry pie

P112 Oval Steak & Cheese
P120 Round Chicken Cheese cran P192 Shepherds Pie mince
P121 Round Chicken Satay P193 Shepherds Pie steak
P122 Round Chicken Mushroom

Sweet pastry

P123 Round Lamb and Mint
P124 Round Curried Mince P160 Small Apple Pies
P125 Round Steak and Bacon P161 Small Apricot Pies
P126 Round Steak and Onion P162 Small Boysenberry Pies
P127 Round Steak Satay P163 Small Custard Pies
P128 Round Steak and Kidney P165 Family Apple Pies
P129 Round Bacon & Egg P166 Family Apricot Pies
P130 Round Mince P167 Family Boysenberry Pies
P131 Round Steak Pepper

Large Pies

P132 Round Steak/Tom Cheese & Onion
P133 Round Steak & Cheese P168 Apple Strudel Strip (approx45cm)
P134 Round Mince & Cheese P155 Deep Dish Sausage & EggPas
P135 Round Steak P156 Deep Dish Bacon & Egg
P136 Round Super Steak & Cheese P157 Spaghetti Bol. Slab
P137 Round Super Steak P158 Open Bacon & Egg Slice
P138 Round Cottage P159 Open Sausage Egg Slice
P139 Round Steak & Mushroom



P180 Mince P150 Shallow Family Bacon
P181 Cheese & Onion P151 Shallow Family Veg
P183 Bacon & Egg P152 Deep Dish Bacon Mushroom
P184 Potato Top P153 Deep Dish Veg
P185 Mince & Cheese P154 Deep Dish Chicken Spinach
P186 Sausage Roll P142 Baby Bacon and Cheese
P187 Garlic & Cheese Roll P143 Baby Broccoli
P188 Beef Roll P145 Baby Spinach
P190 Pasties P146 Baby Vegetarian
P191 Sausage Roll, Sesame top

Catering Pastry

P147 Rolled Top Pastry per kg      
P148 Rolled Base Pastry per kg      
P149 Unrolled Sweet Short ker kg      
P139 Wholemeal Veg Pastry