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We make it easy for you to make money for your School, Sports Club, Youth Group or any Organisation you wish to raise funds for by selling our delicious bakery products at great prices!

Would you like to know more about fundraising for your community group, school or sports team? Please contact us for more information, we’re always happy to help!

Our fund raising products include: Pizza, Pies, Lamingtons, Cheesecakes and much more. We have something for everyone, from mini pizzas and packs of delicious bakery pies, through to gourmet chicken, cranberry and camenbert pizzas.

Bakery fundraising

Cheesecake Fundraising

We also offer party packs with everything you need to throw the perfect party (pizza slab, sausage rolls, savouries and mince pies) and have everything needed to fill the cake tins as well (ginger kisses, fruit mince pies and more).

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You can’t go wrong with a Montana Bakery fundraiser, family members get to fill their cake tins and freezers with great deals on real bakery products, you make extra money for the things fees don’t cover. It’s win win!

Please contact us for more ideas on how we can help you make extra money for your team or club!

Bakery fundraising