About Us

Montana Bakery is a Family Run Business

Started 1975 - Philip Folter started Montana with the help of his father. We employed 3 staff for mainly shop work and finishing, along with myself baking. After 14 years on site the lease expired and was not to be renewed, so relocation was planned.

The year 1989 - Bigger work area and more staff with the addition of wholesale runs to contend with, making us very busy.

The year 1990 – We wanted to grow our business, so decided that more retail shops would help with developing Montana. Over time three shops were leased all with different degrees of success.

The year 1992 – Low and behold we soon out grew this site and moved to yet another site without a retail shop attached to the bakery but continued with retail in town. While at this site we started working with a bakery in Auckland producing pies for BP Oil. This has lead to us yet again having to find larger premises.

The year 2004 - Our last move to our present site, even larger again and more staff required. All my children (3) are now employed in the company.

The year 2005 – Retail sites are sold off and we purchased Pioneer Pizza and Rivera Foods.

Now we make a wide variety of products ranging from cakes, pastry, Breads and Italian to fundraising for organisations. We also contract bake for others.